Very funny and dead-on… Craig is one of the best presenters we have ever had. - Doug Kruse


Getting a Grip on Negativity

Is negative thinking causing problems for your team?

It may be because you’re not effectively using all that negative thinking to your advantage! We all know that negativity is an unfortunate part of life. Understanding its usefulness and value is a major key to successful effective teams. This innovative, entertaining program takes a realistic look at how to convert negative feelings and thoughts into productivity. click for more info…

“Craig Price’s the three hour session on negativity was wonderful – informative and entertaining. He certainly kept the entire room engaged with his wit and audience participation. Who would have thought negativity could have a positive spin to it? I will no longer look at the negative people on my team in the same way.”  

Bonnie G. Aucoin – President of the Association of Legal Administrators, New Orleans Chapter

Leading from All Sides

In a world of vastly different personalities and perspectives, finding ways to get all the pieces to fit into a cohesive and effective team can be a challenge. In this innovative, practical and entertaining program, discover realistic ways you can create a consistently successful leadership approach by adapting to differing personalities and creating the  flexibility necessary to be a leader in today’s changing world. click for more info…

Great job! Craig set the bar so high, not only with his information but with his humor and personality. Thank you! 

Mary Anne Fry, Association of Record Managers and Administrators

Generation Y: The X’s and O’s of the New Workforce

Are you struggling to understand the new workforce? 

Are you finding it challenging to incorporate them into your team dynamic? 

Do you want to give them the proper tools so they can succeed in your organization? 

Before you can manage a person, you need to understand them. This humorous and in‐depth program puts the spotlight on what has shaped and what motivates the multi‐generational workforce that exists today.  click for more info…

Craig gave an excellent presentation at our Annual Convention and Tradeshow this year. Our attendees enjoyed his message, presentation, and his humor as well. Give Craig an opportunity to shine and he will make your day bright! Craig is definitely a great speaker and one not to be missed on your education program!”

Bryan Wood, Director of Certification at Hospitality Financial and Technical Professionals

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