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Episode 59 – Thom Singer – Networking

Thom Singer (@thomsinger on twitter) returns to prep Craig on his networking skills for this year’s National Speaker Association’s Annual Convention (#NSA12). Thom is in for a tough time as Craig prefers not meeting new people, being alone and driving strangers away with his snarky wit. Thom explains some of the bad habits both new and veteran attendees fall into and how to make the most of any conference or meeting.
Thom is known at the “Conference Catalyst” and can be found at www.ThomSinger.com.

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January 27, 2012

2012 Kate Singer Endowment Fundraiser

As I get ready to ramp up for the second season of “Reality Check with Craig Price” I wanted to spotlight a cause that is very close to one of my past guests, Thom Singer.  Thank you for participating in this fundraiser! Small amounts add up, and any amount you give will assist the research for children born …

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Episode 9 – Thom Singer – Publishing

After arguing a bit about Houston vs. Austin and having kids vs. owning a dog, Thom and Craig talk about the trials and tribulations of publishing a book. Craig shares some of his experiences going through the process when he published his own book wh…

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