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Episode 99 – Charles Remington – Weight Loss

Nutritionist Charles Remington (@FLCCoach on Twitter) the Fat Loss Coach discusses weight loss with host Craig Price. Craig has had a long personal history with weight loss (you don’t get a body like his on just  frappachinos and doughnuts alone) but his understanding on what works can be down right murky. Like most people, Craig gets confused on the constant flip flopping in the media on what you can and then can’t, then can eat again foods so Charles is here to clear up some of the confusion. The two discuss myths of when to eat, how often you should eat, what kinds of foods are best as well as the importance of eating the right amounts of food. Charles also explains why you need to change up your eating patterns and also answers several listeners questions!
Charles Remington is a nutritionist and herbalist who is the author of a best-selling nutritional software program. Known to his thousands of clients as The Fat Loss Coach, his concepts on healthy weight loss are well embraced by the medical community and supported by a large insurance provider. He has conducted more than 200 seminars in the corporate, municipal and education arenas and manages a nutritional practice in Cheshire, Connecticut.
You can learn more about Charles at www.thefatlosscoach.com

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Episode 98 – Hayley Foster – TEDx

Hayley Foster (@HayleyFoster on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss TEDx events. With the TEDx format becoming more and more popular, Hayley Foster explains what a TEDx talk is, what the biggest mistakes professional keynoters make when trying to take their traditional talk and put it into the TED format. Think of TED as a liquid concentrate presentation instead of the watered down sugary kool aid of a keynote. It’s all about having an idea worth spreading, an idea that you can explain in a succinct yet engaging way. There’s no room for extra padding here! Hayley even explains that the audience has to apply to even attended! Getting the idea in front of the right people to create innovation, it’s an intriguing concept.
 Hayley has just released her new 64-page mini booklet specifically written to help professional speakers called “Don’t Tank Your TED Talk! 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make”.
After working with well over a hundred speaking professionals, and coaching hundreds of TEDx talks, Hayley has identified why TED.com content directors avoid professional speakers. As it turns out, some of those same behaviors and training, that have enabled your professional speaking success, are the exactly those which can contribute to one terrible TED/TEDx talk.
You can learn more about Hayley at http://shorttalkexpert.com

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Episode 97 – Dan Nevins – The Wounded Warrior Project

Dan Nevins (@DanNevins on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss his amazing story and the Wounded Warrior Project.  Dan talks about how he lost his legs while serving in Iraq and his struggles to cope and adjust. Thankfully, the Wounded Warrior Project was there to offer a helping hand, bringing a bit of normalcy to utterly abnormal situation. The two discuss how the Project helps not only the physically injured but the vets who return with the  invisible scars of combat stress (a.k.a. PTSD). Craig also struggles through the interview as the overwhelming reality of the topic makes being a smart ass almost impossible (but Craig finds a way!).  It is an awe inspiring episode that really can’t be missed! 
The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is to to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. Please visit http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ to learn more about this amazing organization and how you can help returning servicemen and women get the help they deserve. 

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Episode 96 – Phil Gerbyshak – Entrepreneurship

Phil Gerbyshak (@philgerb on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss his path to entrepreneurship. Starting your own business can be tough enough but when you have to figure out how and when to leave your current job can make that final jump even more scary. With Phil, he figured a two year notice would benefit everyone. Two-years?? That little fact fried Craig’s brain but not Phil’s honest and realistic approach to spreading your wings and finally making it on your own. Phil explains how a great employee can make their own terms (you lazy losers just collecting a check…not so much) how to work two jobs ethically (no stealing pens from the supply closet) and how to work from a coffee shop can save your sanity. He also opens up about the loss and strange feelings you get the first few weeks out there on your own. And yet leaving to start your own company can be done without burning bridges and even keeping your current employees on your side. A great guide for anyone thinking about going out on their own but aren’t sure how to leave their current job behind.
Phil also hosts a great internet video podcast call “The Shut Up Show” with his co-host Bernie Xiong, which Craig calls a video support group for entrepreneurs. Check out Craig as he guests on Phil and Bernie’s show to talk about why he got into podcasting and how he shut up (yeah right…in his case it’s just an expression) and just did a lot of strange things in his life.
You can learn more about Phil and his social media consultancy at http://www.philgerbyshak.com/ 

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Episode 95 – Sarah Aubrey – Grants

Sarah Beth Aubrey (@prosperitysba on twitter) calls in to discuss grants with host Craig Price. What are grants? Craig doesn’t know either but he still thinks they might be too good to be true. Free money for doing some paperwork? Not quite. Sarah Beth lays it out from the ground up talking about what grants are, how they work and what kind of time and effort goes into the various types. She also talks about some of the restrictions that might be in place on certain grants, where to find them (hint: Start with http://grants.gov) who offers them and why they’re available. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level and need some funding to do so, don’t miss this episode.
Sarah Beth Aubrey can be found at http://prosperityconsultingsba.com. The concept of grant writing daunts many professionals, but her 5-Step Prosperity Process makes achieving grants very doable for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

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Episode 94 – Jill Butler – Food Trucks

Jill Butler, owner of the Monster PBJ food truck(@MonsterPBJ on Twitter) invites host Craig Price into her offices to talk about food trucks. Opening a restaurant can be harrowing enough, but opening a restaurant on wheels is a whole different story. How do you find customers when you are not at the same physical address everyday? What happens when your restaurant has a flat tire? How do you find the places to park? Jill and Craig cover lots of ground on how she has turned her humble food truck into a success. They also talk peanut butter and jelly! This is not your mother’s PB&J…unless your mother is a gourmet chef who makes all her own ingredients! Even if you are allergic to nuts, you can listen about them from the safety of your own…computer? phone? latpop? However you listen, the end result will be a great podcast and possible a quick run to the store to satisfy your own peanut butter and jelly cravings!
Monster PBJ can be found at http://www.monsterpbj.com. You can find out where the food truck will be in Houston everyday by liking their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Monsterpbj. If you’re in the Houston area and you haven’t had a Monster PBJ, you are missing out!

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Episode 93 – Christina Hamlett – Ghostwriting

Christina Hamlett joins host Craig Price to discuss professional ghostwriting. Christina has written over 30 books, 152 stage plays, 5 optioned featured films, hundreds of articles and interviews in her own name but she is also an accomplished ghostwriter. But you might not know that since ghostwriters live behind the scenes, forgoing credit in order to serve their clients. Christina and Craig talk about when you should seek out a ghostwriter, what to expect when you write a book with another person and how to let go of control of your own story to better serve the writing. She also talks about why you should even write a book and relays stories of petty revenge, delusions of grandeur as well as what makes a good potential client as well as the benefits ghostwriters offer to busy or people with an undeveloped skill for the written word (that’s polite speak for “You suck at writing so don’t do it!!”). They also talk about what a ghostwriter does and doesn’t do (it’s kind of an important distinction), as well as the differences between a ghostwriter, a collaborator and an editor.If you’re thinking of writing your own book or hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you, Christina is worth a listen…preferably before you start your next written masterpiece!
Christina can be found at http://www.authorhamlett.com or on her facebook page.

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Episode 92 – David Newman – DO IT Marketing

David Newman (@DNewman on Twitter) returns to talk with host Craig Price about his new book DO IT Marketing. It only took 87 episodes, but David returns with his new book Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition. The two talk about why following up can be a huge time drain, how to train our friend and colleagues to give us referrals (there’s even a format!) and why we need to stop using marketing techniques that don’t even work on ourselves!
Do It! Marketing is a quick read with the underlying premise is that “only action creates results.”
Packed with do-this-now ideas to attract, engage, and win more customers and clients, this book reveals how to:

Avoid “blah, blah, blah” marketing
Use magnetic marketing strategies that pull—not push—qualified decision-makers into your world
Get noticed
Position yourself as an expert
Become the obvious choice in your market
Do social media right
Learn to speak prospect language about prospect problems
Get a steady stream of referrals
Identify and focus on high-payoff activities
Cultivate and leverage enthusiastic advocates
And more

You can find the book at www.doitmarketing.com/book and David also shares some cool bonuses at www.doitmarketing.com/book-bonus
Go listen to his podcast DO IT! Marketing with David Newman

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Episode 91 – Alan Cerny – 2013 Summer Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (@NordlingAICN on twitter) makes his annual pilgrimage to give his 2013 summer movie preview with host Craig Price. The two cover lots of ground as they talk about Warner Brothers inability or outright refusal to follow the Marvel Studios blueprint for comic book movies, the lack of the word “zombies” in the marketing of World War Z, Craig’s arch-nemesis Hugh Jackman and how excited Alan is to see Pacific Rim.
Movies covered include (reviews will be added as the films are released!):
This Is The EndMan of SteelWorld War ZMonster UniversityWhite House DownThe HeatDespicable Me 2The Lone RangerPacific RimR.I.P.DThe WolverineElysiumKick-Ass 2The Worlds End
Be sure to catch all of Alan’s reviews (not previews but actual thoughtful reviews!!) at http://aintitcoolnews.com

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Episode 90 – Crystal Washington -The Social Media Why

Crystal Washington (@Cryswashington on twitter) joins host Craig Price to talk about her new book “The Social Media Why”.
Listeners of the podcast are quite familiar with Crystal Washington and her expertise in social media (check out episode 48!) and now she’s written a book  for businesses owners, executives and other professionals, who may be intimidated by or uneducated about the reason the use of social media is imperative to business and career success. Craig asks about social media strategies, dealing with online comments (especially the negative ones) and why, when dealing with “followers”, it’s quality vs. quantity.
More importantly, Crystal will be having a book signing this Sunday, June 9th, 2013 from 3:00-5:00 PM at The Microsoft Store (Galleria), 5015 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77056. You can pre-order via her website http://crystalwashington.com/socialmediawhy/ and when you pick it up at the Microsoft Store, she will sign it for you! Easy Peasy!
You can learn more about Crystal at her website http://CrystalWashington.com and order her book on Amazon!

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