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Episode 160 – Mark Hehl – Conflict Management

Mark Hehl with Solutions4Business joins host Craig Price to discuss conflict management. Not many people like conflict in the workplace and even fewer like getting involved when the conflict may not involve you. Mark and Craig discuss how conflict can be good for organizations, but they also discuss how planning ahead can eliminate many of the potential conflicts that could pop up on a project. They discuss the reasons for conflict, including people who just like pushing buttons and causing chaos (Craig calls them “social terrorists”) as well as separate departments having separate goals and never communicating them to each other.  All of this talk will be showcased at the Southern New England Chapter of PMI Professional Development Day in Hartford CT this April 27th and 28th. If you’re in the Nutmeg state at the time, register at SNEC-PMI.org. Hope to see you there!

APP BONUS: Get Mark’s entire powerpoint presentation from the event! In order to be successful the project manager needs to understand and manage conflict. This session will arm the Project Manager with the skills to avoid conflict along with time tested methods to resolve conflicts within their projects. It will also explore the beneficial and negative effects of project conflict. Application of these strategies will result in enhanced project performance.

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Episode 155 – Gina Abudi – Socializing Projects

Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on Twitter) returns to discuss socializing projects with host Craig Price. Whenever Craig is asked about project management experts, he immediately brings up past guest Gina Abudi. She know her stuff and has put a lot of that knowledge into her new book “Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects: Six Steps to Success”. So much knowledge that when Craig asked her on the podcast, they needed to narrow her expertise down to fit the time frame. They agreed that socializing projects was one of the most important part and least utilized part of project management. The two discuss how to incorporate and engage stakeholders, dissect a project before it’s implemented, ugly baby syndrome and why a failing pilot program can be so valuable.

BPI projects are some of the most difficult and challenging to manage. Improving results for the business is not an easy task! Doing so requires understanding the vision and long-term goals of an organization. It also requires the ability to engage stakeholders and manage change. Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects is a guide for project managers who want to improve how they manage BPI projects. Using a simple step-by-step, six-phase approach, project managers and others involved in BPI initiatives will increase their confidence and their effectiveness in managing the complexities of business process improvement projects. Special focus is given to the necessary leadership skills required to be successful in driving change by improving processes within an organization to improve business results.

You can learn more about Gina at http://abudiconsulting.com 

APP EXTRA: Read the 1st Chapter of  “Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects: Six Steps to Success”. Also listen to the podcast to hear how you can get a discount code so you can buy the book directly from the publisher.

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Episode 88 – Mark Rodgers – Persuasion

Mark Rodgers (@Mark_Speaks on Twitter) checks in with host Craig Price to talk about persuasion. Persuasion can be a mysterious thing, some people come by it naturally, others work hard at it yet never gain influence over anything. But like any skill, it can be learned, honed and maximized effectively…if you put in the time. Mark show Craig how credibility, language and process can combine to become persuasion. And all in an ethically oriented manner. (It’s true!!) 
Mark and Craig will be presenting at the PMI Madison Professional Development Day on May 16th, 2013. Craig will be giving a 2 hour interactive session on negativity, Mark will be presenting the lunch keynote “Persuasion Matters” as well as an additional session in the afternoon. Past guests Michael Redmond and Gina Abudi will be presenting as well. It’s a content packed day awaiting Madisonites (or are they Madisonians?) project managers! Online registration is closed but walk-ins welcome. Bring a colleague for walk in registration and you each get one Free Chapter Meeting Pass! Also, Craig explains how to get a free copy of his book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” when you attend his session (Starting at 9:15am). 
Learn more about Mark Rodgers at his website http://www.persuasionmatters.com

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Episode 52 – Michael Redmond – Risk Management

Michael Redmond takes a chance and talks to risk management with Craig. The last in a series highlighting speakers for the PMI-Rochester Professional Development Day on May 24th, Michael explains the importance of identifying potential problems every company face yet often don’t want to think about.
You can find more about Michael Redmond at http://www.redmondworldwide.com

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Episode 51 – Anthony Mersino – Soft Skills

Anthony Mersino talks to Craig about “ soft skills ”. They talk about feelings (no…no crying), empathy, interacting with strangers and new people. You know, things Craig has no ability to talk about. They also discuss how to become more self-aware, understanding self-confidence and being more authentic.
Be sure to attend the PMI-Rochester Professional Development Day on May 24th and if you can’t attend but want to learn more about Anthony, visit his company’s website at

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Episode 50 – Maria Matarelli – Agile Management

Maria Matarelli (@mariamatarelli on twitter) calls in to discuss her Agile Management program she will be presenting on May 24th at the Project Management Institute-Rochester Chapter’s Professional Development Day. While Craig’s limited knowledge of Agile is more than obvious, he does manage to get some understanding on Scrum, Velocity and thanks to Maria, invent Smokey and the Bandit Management.
You can register for the May 24th PMI-Rochester PDD at http://www.pmirochester.org and you can learn more about Maria at http://www.bevilledge.com/maria or connect with her via LinkedIn.

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Episode 44 – Gina Abudi – Project Management

Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on twitter) talks to Craig about Project Management. Since Gina is the current president of the Mass Bay Project Management Institute, who better to explain about what project management is, how it can be applied to small busine…

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Teleseminar with Alex Brown of the Real-Life Projects Web Seminar Series

Alex Brown will be having me on his webinar series this Sunday, December 12th, 2010.   A whole hour just on my book…sweet! Since I’ll be in Atlanta for an event with PMI-Atlanta this webinar will have a severe project management bend. Looking forward to it! This coming Saturday, 12 December 2010, I will be interviewing …

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