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Episode 78 – Steve Rizzo – Attitude Shifting

Steve Rizzo (@RealSteveRizzo on twitter) visits the podcast to talk about his new book “Get Your Shift Together”. Host Craig Price and Steve talk about their experiences doing stand-up, the fear of success and when people put their happiness on hold. A National Speakers Association Hall of Fame speaker, Steve also talks about his time with Rodney Dangerfield, how accomplishment doesn’t equal happiness and why we need to keep a positive attitude if we want to shift toward success.
You can learn more about Steve’s book “Get Your SHIFT Together: How to Think, Laugh, and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life” at Steve’s website http://www.SteveRizzo.com 

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January 4, 2012

Does Attitude Effect Wellbeing?

  ne of the biggest thing that really gets my goat [1] is people who insist on believing [2] that a positive attitude can cure all their ills. It’s just not true.   The condescension of positivity shames people into thinking they must be positive thinkers to get anywhere in the world, overcome their sicknesses …

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