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Are You Willing to Ruin Your Project?

With all the news about the Mars rover Curiosity landing [1] I stumbled upon this article from the Chicago Tribune about rover Chief Engineer Rob Manning. It is a perfect example of how you can take a negative thinker and utilize their “powers”, especially during the planning phase of a project: Regardless of whether the …

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Episode 33 – Liam Dunfey – College Admissions

Liam Dunfey of University Advisors Admission Specialists joins Craig in Boston to talk about higher learning. More importantly, how to get into institutions of higher learning. They discuss selecting the right school, Craig’s horrible grades and how applying to college isn’t as the same as when Craig applied years ago.
You can learn more about Liam’s company University Advisors Admission Specialists at http://www.admissionspecialists.com

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