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February 14, 2013

No More Food Fights! by Michele Payn-Knoper is out today!

  I wanted to share an podcast interview I did with Michele Payn-Knoper as her new book ” No More Food Fights ” debuts today!   I ask her things about those online secret videos that pop-up on the news, animal hormones and how much time and care is put into the animals that live on farms …

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Episode 47 – Dr. Michael Nuccitelli – Cyberbullying

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli talks cyberbullying with Craig on this week’s Reality Check. Be it texting, tweeting or trolling facebook statuses, “The Nuche!” as Craig gleefully calls Michael, discusses why kids bully, how to identify if you child is bullying or being bullied and introduces his new iPredator Protected membership based advisory services that works to protect, advise and educate online users, their families and businesses.

You can find out all about it at www.ipredator.co (no “m”!)

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