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Can You Make Being Wrong…Right?

  Have you ever been wrong? Made a mistake? Screwed up? Flubbed it? Made a mess of things? Stepped in it? [1]   We all have. [2]   Often, people will scramble to hide their mistakes or worse, look you in the eye and tell you it’s not a mistake at all. In their effort …

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Are You Driving Mistakes Underground?

  Mistakes happen to us all. The frequency and magnitude of the mistakes are pretty important to know. But are you creating an atmosphere where mistakes are scurrying for the shadows instead of being reported? Are you punishing mistakes instead of using them to create policies that will improve your organization?   The FAA thought …

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January 23, 2012

Can You Be Honest About Your Performance? Tom Brady Can

  “Well, I sucked pretty bad today” – Tom Brady That is direct quote AFTER winning a game in which an important quarterback sneak, delivered by the same Tom Brady, was the winning score. Afterwards, all the sports talk shows were complimenting Tom for admitting that his game wasn’t up to par. It was “refreshing” …

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