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Episode 99 – Charles Remington – Weight Loss

Nutritionist Charles Remington (@FLCCoach on Twitter) the Fat Loss Coach discusses weight loss with host Craig Price. Craig has had a long personal history with weight loss (you don’t get a body like his on just  frappachinos and doughnuts alone) but his understanding on what works can be down right murky. Like most people, Craig gets confused on the constant flip flopping in the media on what you can and then can’t, then can eat again foods so Charles is here to clear up some of the confusion. The two discuss myths of when to eat, how often you should eat, what kinds of foods are best as well as the importance of eating the right amounts of food. Charles also explains why you need to change up your eating patterns and also answers several listeners questions!
Charles Remington is a nutritionist and herbalist who is the author of a best-selling nutritional software program. Known to his thousands of clients as The Fat Loss Coach, his concepts on healthy weight loss are well embraced by the medical community and supported by a large insurance provider. He has conducted more than 200 seminars in the corporate, municipal and education arenas and manages a nutritional practice in Cheshire, Connecticut.
You can learn more about Charles at www.thefatlosscoach.com

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Episode 64 – Anastasia Turchetta – Dental Health Check-Up 2012

Anastasia Turchetta (@anastasiaRDH on twitter) returns for the podcast’s annual dental health check-up. She explains dental health connections to sleep apnea, migraines, TMJ while also talking to Craig about the size of his airways and different methods of pain management.
Look for Anastasia on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AnastasiaRDH and her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/AnastasiaRDH for her Wednesday’s Hump Day Happenings!

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January 19, 2012

Gossip for Good? New Research Shows Benefits of Gossip

  As I have discussed in my book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide”[1] rumors and gossip are going to happen whether you want them to or not. The only decision you can make is if you want to know what’s being shared or be clueless to the information (or misinformation).  While you may think …

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Episode 29 – Anastasia Turchetta – Dental Health

Anastasia Turchetta joins Craig and covers a wide array of dental topics. From HPV to oral sex to the trauma Craig had with dental scaling to how cool digital x-rays are. Plus you learn all about Craig’s personal oral hygiene! You can’t miss that!! If you have a mouth and that mouth has teeth, you need to check this podcast out.
Head over to Anastasia’s YouTube channel to get her weekly dental videos!

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Episode 23: Kirstin Carey – Gluten-Free Living

Kirstin Carey, owner of Nourish restaurant and creator of this week’s Gluten-Free Expo and Conference in Scottsdale, joins Craig to discuss some of the effects caused by gluten allergies, how hard it is to find good gluten-free places to eat and why she felt the need to start a conference around the whole issue. Craig asks the deep, pressing questions like why gluten-free cakes taste so bad and how can he get the VIP treatment whenever he finally gets to Kirstin’s restaurant.
Learn more about the conference and Kirstin’s restaraunt Nourish at http://www.nourish123.com

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Episode 6 – Eliz Greene – Heart Health

Eliz Greene, a medical miracle and mother of twins, has survived a lot of things in her life. Her reward? Dealing with Craig as they cover not only her amazing story of heart attacks and child birth (at the same time!) but they discuss heart health, tabloids, cockfighting and performance enhancing drugs.
Craig also has a brain meltdown which turns into another addition of “Find the Flub!” Email Craig at craig@speakercraigprice.com with the timestamp of the flub and not only get a copy of his book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” but a copy of Eliz’s book “The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart”.
Find more about Eliz at http://www.embraceyourheart.com/

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