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August 17, 2012

The Number One Way (Three Actually!) to Pick Your Number Two

  Read this article at the Harvard Business review that brought up some very good points when choosing your “Number Two” [1]. I’ve seen too many pick clones of themselves, Mini-Me’s if you will. Problem is, Mini-me’s are often troublesome, unnecessary and rarely lead to better organizational strength [2]   So what should you look …

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Are You Risking It All On Risk?

“Risk” is the new “it” word [1] and while all businesses have risks and every person takes some sort of risk on a daily basis [2] the trend to justify risk taking may be going a bit too far.   We’ve seen risks cause major problems lately – JP Morgan anyone? – so why do …

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Can You Accept Rejection?

In this “everyone gets a medal” “all ideas are equally valuable” and “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents” world we’ve created around ourselves, one valuable tool is often missing in many people’s arsenal[1]: The ability to accept rejection.   I come from an entertainment world where you are rejected far more than you are …

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