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Episode 138 – Patrick Allmond – Online Feedback

Patrick Allmond (@PatrickAllmond on twitter) returns to discuss online feedback with host Craig Price.  We all want feedback but are we prepared for what awaits us online? The avalanche of inane comments and spam sometimes makes us wonder if its all worth it! Or worse…nothing at all. We want our tweets retweeted, our facebook posts liked and our blogs commented on. Getting people’s attention and then getting them to act can be a daunting task. Patrick and Craig discuss how to ask for feedback, write posts that get shared and what to do when you get an internet troll.

Of course we love feed back here at Reality Check so leave a comment, email craig@speakercraigprice.com with questions or guest suggestions and follow us on twitter @realitycheckpod 

Patrick Allmond can be found at http://patrickallmond.com.

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Do You Really Want Feedback?

Feedback is an interesting thing.   It can be a soothing salve for the soul [1] or a vicious kick to the tenderloins. Worse, we often push others to give us feedback and then are emotionally unprepared for their responses.  We want to hear that what we’re doing/thinking/eating is the right choice. We want positive …

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Haters Hating or Constructive Criticism?

Feedback is a tough racket.   If it’s unsolicited we can get defensive, often using the “haters gonna hate” mantra to explain away things we don’t want to hear. SPOILER ALERT: The hater in questions doesn’t hate… they’re too caught up in their own head to worry about hating you!   If it’s requested and not positive, it …

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Episode 55 – Wally Hauck, PhD – Feedback

Wally Hauck (@wallyhauck on twitter) offers up some insight into feedback. Feedback can be a landmine for many, especially if you’re not comfortable giving it to others, so Wally and Craig talk about various types of feedback, the difference between feedback and criticism and some tools to give the right kind of feedback. Wally and Craig will both be presenting at this year’s IPMA-HR Eastern Region conference June 25th-27th.
For more information on Wally you can offer up feedback (and criticism!) at http://www.wallyhauck.com

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