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Putting Content In Context For Your Conference

People want to know what they’re going to get and what they got from your event. They want information in hand, on the cloud, and the second they want it. Yet conferences are still keeping information from their attendees.   Look at how conferences are promoted.  Most events will offer up agendas, speaker bios and …

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October 11, 2012

The Meeting Planner’s Dilemma

  You’re a meeting planner.   You and maybe your planning committee have been gathering top-notch experts and speakers from across your industry. You have multiple concurrent sessions packed with great content. There isn’t a weak spot on the schedule. But thanks to all your hard work and dedication you have a problem. For every …

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Episode 59 – Thom Singer – Networking

Thom Singer (@thomsinger on twitter) returns to prep Craig on his networking skills for this year’s National Speaker Association’s Annual Convention (#NSA12). Thom is in for a tough time as Craig prefers not meeting new people, being alone and driving strangers away with his snarky wit. Thom explains some of the bad habits both new and veteran attendees fall into and how to make the most of any conference or meeting.
Thom is known at the “Conference Catalyst” and can be found at www.ThomSinger.com.

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