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Are You Willing to Argue Instead of Brainstorm?

  I wanted to share this piece of insight from an article I found by Daniel Sobol on arguing in business. Most people try to avoid arguing [1] especially at work. But what really caught my eye in this article is something I’ve always stood behind and that was being able to say “No, because”. From Fast …

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Episode 41 – Avish Parashar – Say Yes, And!

Avish Parashar (@AvishP on twitter) returns to chat about his latest book “ Say Yes, And ” while Craig tries not to be a “No, But” kind of person. They talk about The Hero’s Journey, using “Yes, And” in business as well as why meetings are the best place to start “Yes, And”-ing. You can find Avish’s new book at Amazon or directly via sayyesand.com

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Episode 31 – Avish Parashar – Improvisation

Avish Parashar stops by to talk about improvisation. He and Craig discuss being Indian, using comedy to pick-up women (Spoiler: You can’t!) improv as a tool and how being authentic and in the moment can lead to performance magic.
Avish is also hosting a 4 day workshop in Las Vegas Oct. 13-16. Visit http://www.thespeakingschool.com for more information. You can also learn more about Avish at his blog http://www.motivationalsmartass.com and http://www.avishparashar.com.

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