WARNING! This book was not written by some veneered, spray-tanned, pseudo-science touting, guru wanna-be, who has “the secret” about life, money and success.
It was written by a Realist!

  Half a Glass: The Realist's Guide by Craig Price   This book is a guide to show you how to get a grip on your negative thoughts, fears and doubts to use them to your advantage. Life isn’t always going to go as planned, so we need to learn how to play the cards we’re dealt, not hope and wish we had different cards. To manage negativity you need to admit that it exists and that it’s a part of life. Want to find out about:

The Audacity of Nope?  Chapter 1 Playing the Blame Game? Chapter 5 How to Deal with Complainers? Chapter 4 Famous Failures? Chapter 3 The Myth of “Should”? Chapter 1 Strength from Weaknesses? Chapter 2  The Price Personality Scale? Somewhere up front…I think.  Turning frowns upside down?  Sorry. Wrong book. Affirmations and Aura Readings? C’mon. Really?

Now you have the guide to help!