Is negative thinking causing problems for your team? It may be because you’re not using all that negative thinking to your advantage!

With professional keynote speaker Craig Price, you will discover how to utilize the negative thoughts in your workplace in productive ways you never realized before!

The Realist’s Guide™ to Getting a Grip on Negativity



Understanding its usefulness and value is a major key to successful effective teams. With this innovative, entertaining program Craig Price takes a realistic, humorous look at traditionally “negative” issues. By looking at the hidden value in complainers, criticism and failure, Craig will give tools to not only limit the occurrence of these difficulties, he’ll have you looking at these “problems” in a whole new light.


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Keynotes available in Leadership, Safety, Change Management, Customer Service and  Executive Management versions.

“The examples you gave as to how negativity in our culture affects our lives were poignant and true. Thanks for your strong message on how negative thoughts will make positive things happen in our lives. The delivery was even more powerful with your keen sense of humor.” 

Herman Kluge, President, Houston Chapter – International Facilities Management Association.

“Your presentation took a completely different direction and focus; I will never view negative thinking the same way again. I am also thrilled to have had such a well reputed, dynamic speaker at this event. Having a message and a presentation is one thing. Your ability to present that message while controlling your audience is truly remarkable. I would like to have more of this skill for my own public speaking. All the residents of Galveston County will benefit from your efforts” 

Cheryl E. Johnson, Tax Assessor / Collector, Galveston County, Texas

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