Do you need to recruit, reach and retain younger workers?

Are you struggling to understand the new workforce? Are you finding it challenging to incorporate them into your team dynamic?

 The Xs and Os of the New Workforce


Do you want to give your newer workers the proper tools so they can succeed in your organization?  Before you can manage a person, you need to understand them. This humorous and in‐depth program puts the spotlight on what has shaped and what motivates the multi‐generational workforce that exists today. Audience members older and younger alike will be enlightened and entertained by this informative presentation.


Suggested Agenda:  

Clearing up the myths: Our opinion vs. the reality

How past generations created the current generation

The three R’s: Recruit, Reach and Retain

I want it now!: How instant access through technology has shaped expectations

Gold-star syndrome: Rewarding on the way to the goal

Feeding them Feedback: What to say and how to say it

Life balance: Understanding personal choices that affect professional performance

Reality Bites: Pop culture and television influences on a generation

The more things that stay the same, the more they want things to change

Craig’s generational presentation in Puerto Rico was phenomenal. Everyone, regardless of their age, got a lot from his program. Craig’s mix of humor and straightforward information was perfect. Everybody was talking about his presentation all conference long. We can’t wait to have him back! 
Linda Tracey, Executive Director, Southwest Insulation Contractors Association