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The average conference lasts between one and three days.


They’re expensive to put on and expensive to attend. So when it comes to deciding where a company spends its education budget, modern conferences need to provide value and demonstrate an ROI that continues to grow even after they end.


With pre-conference podcasts, professional conference & panel moderation, emcee duties and our signature wrap-up summaries, Craig Price is your first choice for turning an event into THE event.

Professional Conference Services


If you’ve ever been to a professionally moderated panel or conference, you’ll know that it’s not something “just anyone” can do. Much like the ringmaster at a circus, the professional moderator’s job is to keep things moving and get the audience engaged.


We offer two distinct services for both the large and small stages



Conference Moderator

As your conference moderator, we are tied to the objectives and strategy behind your event. Before the first person takes to the stage we do extensive research on your topics and speakers to make sure everything works together to reinforce your overall theme. As moderators, we’re often the bridge between the presenter and your audience. As such, our role can include:



Panel Moderator

Where a conference moderator works the big stage – often with one or two presenters, the panel moderator facilitates the discussion between multiple panel members while managing questions from the audience. Our goal is simple: keep the conversation on topic and moving forward.  We do this by asking interesting, relevant questions of the panel members and making sure the attendees voices and questions are heard


This two-way interaction between presenters and audience is what makes panel discussions the highlight of most conferences. This is because panels allow for the free flow of ideas and concepts while promoting engagement and spontaneity.


Suggestions for a panel discussion


Panels aren’t restricted to big conferences. In fact they are really effective for internal town halls, giving executives a welcome opportunity to skip the speech and get right down to interacting with the audience.


Bring a live episode of Reality Check with Craig Price to your event! Craig will interview a predetermined guest as if they were on his popular podcast…because they are! We will work with you to tailor the interview questions to ensure all the main points are addressed and covered. Craig’s conversational style and quick wit not only connects with the audience, it allows your executive/board member/prominent industry expert to be more relatable as well. A fun, informative discussion showcases how guests are engaged and connected to what is going on within the organization. 


Book us for panel moderation


Ask about combining our panel and conference moderation services to provide continuity and highlight important sessions at your event!




Master of Ceremonies

Your master of ceremonies provides necessary continuity to your program. From the opening remarks to the final send-off, the emcee helps create the narrative people remember while reinforcing the themes and concepts you don’t want them to forget.


Some of the duties you can expect from your conference emcee can include:



As the official host we’ll make sure attendees are respected and your event flows smoothly.


As a unique offering we can provide professional keynoting, breakouts and conference summaries that take the job of emcee to an entirely different level.


Contact us today and book your professional Master of Ceremonies




Conference Re-Caps

What if there was a way to increase your attendees Return on Attendance? A way they can get important action items from all the presentations they couldn’t attend? What if it was entertaining to boot!?


Craig Price delivers entertaining and informative event-recaps that gives everyone at your event the ability to bring home vital information….even from sessions they couldn’t attend!


Learn more





For promotion and information, a pre-conference podcast will help you build momentum, increase interest and drive registrations.


With  conference podcast packages available to fit your marketing strategy,  we can interview:


Breakout speakers
Anyone else you’d like to include

Your podcasts can be hosted on your site or we can post to iTunes for greater exposure.



Add a ConferenceCast to your pre-marketing strategy and give your attendees a taste of what your conference has to offer.


Download our information sheet for more details.


Don’t take our word for it. Listen to a few samples:




If you are interested in having Craig produce your podcast for your next conference, association or event please call 877-572-7890 or email craig@speakercraigprice.com to ask about pricing and availability. Discounts available if you combine the ConferenCecast solution with a program by Craig!