Episode 98 – Hayley Foster – TEDx

Hayley Foster (@HayleyFoster on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss TEDx events. With the TEDx format becoming more and more popular, Hayley Foster explains what a TEDx talk is, what the biggest mistakes professional keynoters make when trying to take their traditional talk and put it into the TED format. Think of TED as a liquid concentrate presentation instead of the watered down sugary kool aid of a keynote. It’s all about having an idea worth spreading, an idea that you can explain in a succinct yet engaging way. There’s no room for extra padding here! Hayley even explains that the audience has to apply to even attended! Getting the idea in front of the right people to create innovation, it’s an intriguing concept.
 Hayley has just released her new 64-page mini booklet specifically written to help professional speakers called “Don’t Tank Your TED Talk! 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make”.
After working with well over a hundred speaking professionals, and coaching hundreds of TEDx talks, Hayley has identified why TED.com content directors avoid professional speakers. As it turns out, some of those same behaviors and training, that have enabled your professional speaking success, are the exactly those which can contribute to one terrible TED/TEDx talk.
You can learn more about Hayley at http://shorttalkexpert.com

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