Episode 89 – Marnie Green – Performance

Marnie Green (@MarnieGreen) talks to host Craig Price on how to have painless performance conversations with employees. We all know that having to address employee issues can be a bummer. It can be often awkward, sometimes heated, and usually painful in some way. Marnie sought answers to this problem with her latest book “Painless Performance Conversations: A Practical Approach to Critical Day-to-Day Workplace Discussions”. The two discuss finding opportunities to reinforce your expectations and message, dealing with the smelly guy 3 cubicles over and what to do when an employee get defensive over potential problems. Employee performance conversations don’t have to be painful nor confrontational. Don’t believe me, check out the book! Painless Performance Conversations will help you to lead conversations with confidence and create a culture of workplace accountability.
Marnie Green can be found at http://www.managementeducationgroup.com and you can learn more about her book athttp://www.painlessperformanceconversations.com

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