Episode 91 – Alan Cerny – 2013 Summer Movie Preview

Alan Cerny (@NordlingAICN on twitter) makes his annual pilgrimage to give his 2013 summer movie preview with host Craig Price. The two cover lots of ground as they talk about Warner Brothers inability or outright refusal to follow the Marvel Studios blueprint for comic book movies, the lack of the word “zombies” in the marketing of World War Z, Craig’s arch-nemesis Hugh Jackman and how excited Alan is to see Pacific Rim.
Movies covered include (reviews will be added as the films are released!):
This Is The EndMan of SteelWorld War ZMonster UniversityWhite House DownThe HeatDespicable Me 2The Lone RangerPacific RimR.I.P.DThe WolverineElysiumKick-Ass 2The Worlds End
Be sure to catch all of Alan’s reviews (not previews but actual thoughtful reviews!!) at http://aintitcoolnews.com

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