Barnacle Networking for Introverts

barnacle networking


I am not a good networker. I don’t like to go out of my way to introduce myself, I don’t feel the need to meet new people, I certainly don’t like being in a room full of strangers whose only goal is to introduce themselves to someone new.


Sometimes, when I go to the occasional networking event, I feel like a diver in a shark tank with chum underpants. I have met enough financial planner and real estate brokers. But I have found a method that works for me and I’m passing it on to all the non-networkers.


I call it, barnacle networking. It’s classier than “parasite networking” or “suckerfish networking”.


It’s very easy.


Find someone you know and like who is great at networking. They will be your cruise ship while you tag along with them like a barnacle. These “hosts” introduce you to new people without the awkwardness of having to do it yourself.


A strange as it may seem, for some people, getting introduced is a huge difference than introducing yourself. The comfort factor goes way up.


Try it.


Oh, and feel free to come talk to me if you see me.


I have no problem talking to people who want to talk to me. Or even at events where I speak. But true “networking” events… well…


So I need a shrink.


Who doesn’t?



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