Episode 87 – Mike Domitrz – Teen Dating

Teen Dating

Mike Domitrz (@DateSafeProject on twitter) of the Date Safe Project joins host Craig Price to discuss Teen Dating. No dating advice here, not for the teens anyway. Mike and Craig try and help parents talk to their kids about sex, porn, dating and intimacy. You read that right, Craig is talking about all those things, which is why podcasts are great for covering up blushing hosts. Times have changes since Craig was a teen (back in the 80’s) and parents need more help than ever. With the Date Safe project, Mike is taking his message of respect, consent and boundaries to teens across the world. But we all know proper attitudes start at home and with the parents.  Mike offers helpful tips for getting kids to talk to them about sex, mistakes parents make when giving “the talk” and clearing up some common misconceptions. If you have tweens or teens, this is a must listen for you.

The Date Safe Project, Inc. – hhttp://www.thedatesafeproject.org – provides parents, educators, educational institutions, students, military installations, community organizations, state agencies, faith-based institutions, and federal government resources, educational materials, and programming addressing consent, healthy intimacy, sexual education, sexual assault awareness, bystander intervention, and support for sexual assault survivors.