Episode 85 – Roger Courville – Virtual Presentations

Virtual Presentations

Roger Courville (@RogerCourville on Twitter) connects with host Craig Price to discuss Virtual Presentations. With the rise of the internet (sounds like a cheesy action movie!) social media and mobile technology, more and more presentations are coming off the stage and being created online. Roger and Craig talk about some of the growing pains of webinars and it’s ilk, how to get audiences attention when they’re not in the room and how to create more interaction via these programs. Roger answers some loaded questions submitted by loyal listeners and tries to show that even though some virtual presentations may be painful to experience now, don’t blame the tools, blame the presenters. He also offers some tools for presenters who offer online presentations as well as insights on which are more effective than others.

Roger can be found at http://www.thevirtualpresenter.com