Are You Afraid of Fear?



I have always appreciated fear.


Fear does many things: It motivates, it keeps things in check, it stops you from doing stupid things, and it can show that you care.


Yet, most people see fear (especially when seen in others) as weakness. This is not accurate; fear is a natural response for many sane and reasonable people. Lack of fear is usually the first sign that someone is ‘off’. [1]





Fear can stop us cold, like a deer hearing a snapping twig. If you don’t keep moving…well, if you didn’t learn from what happened to Bambi’s mother….SPOILER ALERT: You’ll get taken out.


Moving is the key. It can be forward (which is the motivational mantra) but it could be a side-step, it could be a step back to regroup. But keep moving. . Fear is part of life that we can either be controlled by or take control of, it’s 100% up to you.


Just don’t fear fear.


Craig Price has helped thousands of people learn to find the value in their own negative thoughts and emotions. His signature keynote “Getting a Grip on Negativity” and the companion book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” gets audiences to understand how to use negativity as a tool for change and productivity.


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