Do You Really Want Feedback?

Feedback is an interesting thing.   It can be a soothing salve for the soul [1] or a vicious kick to the tenderloins. Worse, we often push others to give us feedback and then are emotionally unprepared for their responses.  We want to hear that what we’re doing/thinking/eating is the right choice. We want positive feedback and are often shaken by the truth.   I’m always asking for feedback. I know that my viewpoints and perspectives are not always mainstream so getting honest feedback allows me to assess and move forward. But since I’m not the norm, feedback varies wildly from praise and awe to hate and disdain.   So before you ask for feedback, think about this article Don’t Ask for Feedback Unless You Want It from the Harvard Business Review:

Think carefully and consciously about whether you really want feedback, and why. If you truly think that you could benefit from someone else’s thinking, then ask for it. But if you feel confident that what you are doing or thinking is already good enough, then it’s okay not to ask. In other words, don’t ask for input as social convention. Do it only if you mean it.   If you do ask for feedback, be prepared to seriously consider it. That doesn’t mean that you have to do everything that’s suggested, but you should at least listen and think about it. Then give the person who provided the feedback some acknowledgement or thanks for making the effort (and maybe even an explanation of what you’ve done with the input).

Are you ready for feedback? I am. Leave a comment below. I can take it.   I think…   Maybe…  

Craig Price has helped thousands of people learn to find the value in their own negative thoughts and emotions. His signature keynote “Getting a Grip on Negativity” and the companion book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” gets audiences to understand how to use negativity as a tool for change and productivity.   If you are interested in having Craig present at your next conference, association meeting or corporate event please call 877-572-7890 or email today to ask about pricing and availability


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