Are You Willing To Be A Vulnerable Leader?

Vulnerable Leader

Recently, I wrote about Rock Star CEO’s and their effectiveness [1]. Here’s an article that points out that some of the less egocentric traits of a true leader are much more important. Traits like humility and accountability. Having the ability to admit when you were wrong and be open to other ideas.

Myth: Admissions of wrongdoing, miscalculation or error in judgment is a sign of weakness

Reality: Honesty and personal accountability creates a culture of trust and loyalty

From Forbes:

In an era where out-size, narcissistic business leaders are treated like rock stars, with the requisite cult followings, of course, elevating humility as an essential trait for creative leaders may seem quaint, even a bit anachronistic. Yet, humility and the ability to admit error may be two of the most important qualities a truly creative leader must have.   Creative leaders must be more than big personalities if they hope to lead successful organizations. They must be deeply in tune with human behavior, and, most critically, understand who they are and what motivates them to success and what precipitates their failures.

They add:

Some leaders contend that admitting error is a sign of weakness and an open door for allegations of illegitimacy. So often the opposite is true. What is more powerful than an individual who can stand in front of his or her employees and admit that the failure was his or hers? What better way to gain the respect and admiration of your team than to take the blame and responsibility on yourself rather than calling out someone on your team? By admitting you are wrong, by taking blame, you will have a group of more committed followers.

People follow other people. They want to know that their leaders can relate to them and understand their issues. This concept of the CEO being a “higher power” demi-god [2] is gone. The benevolent dictator, the mad genius and the paternal leader is long dead. Try being a compassionate, open and vulnerable HUMAN.   You might be surprised by the results.


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