Leading From All Sides


The one thing I’ve learned over the years is there is no one thing. If you want to be a good leader, good manager, good employee there is no one way. Often, the “way” you interact needs to change with each person and each situation. Sure, honesty, fairness and maintaining integrity are constants.  Being a good “human being” is not what I’m referring to. I mean, when you lead (either by example or position) you have to be able to adapt your “way”. I call it “leading from all sides”.


If you lead from the front, it means you are hands-on, in the trenches, fighting alongside your team kind of person. It creates loyalty, understanding and empathy, both for the leader and the led.


If you lead from the rear, you are a hands off, delegating, let your people do what you hired them for kind of person. That creates mutual respect, accountability and self-worth for all involved.


Some lead from the sunny side of the street. They are positive, cheerleading, can-do types who boost morale, create a comfortable environment and sense of security


Some lead from the realistic side. They are the logical, analytical, pragmatic types that look to prevent problems and obstacles, are prepared for a crisis and willingly accepts constructive. They create an environment of fairness, honest communication and security.


The trick is not just using one way but a combination of the 4 types and not with a wide generic brush but with the understanding of what the situation or person will respond to.


Accessing these points opens your leadership to practically any situation or personality.


There is a reason there are spots on a compass between the main directions. Sometimes going South-southwest is far more accurate than just going pure south or pure west.


What side do you lead from?



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