Relaunching The Realist’s Guide

The Realist's Guide


You may have noticed the new design here at the Realist’s Guide. Guessing by my Google Analytics, you haven’t.


I’m re-launching the Realist’s Guide as a hub for honest, reality based information.  


I hope to create a fluff free zone, without the typical marketing lingo and goofy made up words like “Soloprenuer!” or “Chief Happiness Officer!”.  At first, it will be a bit more Craig-centric than I’d like, but hopefully, some additional contributors will appear from time to time to offer their insights.


The Reality Check podcast will be a part of the expansion also, offering the same fun yet informative interviews with a variety of experts on a wide range of topics. If you already subscribe to the podcast via YouTube, iTunes or FaceBook then I can’t believe much will change for you.


Feedback and requests are always encouraged. If you would like to contribute or you see something on the interwebs that you feel I should share with the rest of the world, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Have a great New Year!


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