Do You Have a Tebow on Your Team?

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos - Image by Andrew Carpenean -


Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has posed some interesting problems that some manager might be able to relate to. He’s a talented, versatile employee that doesn’t fit the mold of a typical staff member, yet the results are undeniable.


Sure, he doesn’t have the best throwing mechanics. His completion percentage which is usually less than 50%, and his running style is destined to get him injured [1] .  But if you watch him you can clearly see his teammates believe he can win, the fans are excited to see him play and despite the scrutiny from the media he wins, usually in tense, pressure situations where other QB’s would wither. Overall, a very productive individual and teammate that works in unconventional ways.


What is a manager (or in this case a coach) to do with such a person?

The Myth: If you follow the process, success will follow

The Reality: If your people are talented, follow their talents to success

Stubborn folks would force Tebow to change his style, his mechanics and conform to the system in place. Which is why John Fox, the Broncos head coach, should be an example to managers everywhere.  Despite Fox’s personal coaching style of running a more conventional NFL offense, he realized that “We can’t do that other crap” he was going to have to adapt to Tebow’s  strengths and not force Tebow to do things he was comfortable or able to do.


In business, often so many managers get hung up on the way things “should” be done, they will ignore perfectly good results because it wasn’t done “their way” [2]. They shoot down any attempt to do things differently and will fight to maintain the status quo. Life is about playing the hand your dealt. John Fox didn’t want to run a spread offense with a running quarterback but that’s the talent he has. He changed large chunks of the offense to fit his most important player. You can tell he’s not comfortable with the changes but he’s committed to it because of the results.


Are you committed to the results or to the process? Are you adaptable or stubborn?


Are you willing to let your Tim Tebow do what he does best?


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