Can You Be Honest About Your Performance? Tom Brady Can


“Well, I sucked pretty bad today” – Tom Brady

That is direct quote AFTER winning a game in which an important quarterback sneak, delivered by the same Tom Brady, was the winning score. Afterwards, all the sports talk shows were complimenting Tom for admitting that his game wasn’t up to par. It was “refreshing” “good to hear such honesty” and he “didn’t pull any punches”.


I heard these comments and thought to myself “Why the fawning? This is what successful people do. They evaluate their performance, look for improvement and get better.[1]” But in our society, too often we refuse to admit when we did something badly.

The Myth: To state flaws or underachievement publicly is a weakness

The Reality:  To admit flaws openly is honest assessment and allows improvement

I don’t prescribe to the practice of constantly telling yourself affirmations or avoiding criticisms. It is a faulty practice that assumes we are emotionally fragile and thin-skinned victims. It does work for some people but I’ve often found the most effective people are able to criticize themselves without crumbling into a weeping heap. They have the attitude that they will get better by looking at what went wrong. This whole ‘Move forward, don’t look back” mentality is usually said by people who have screwed up in the past and don’t want to think about it, that there is nothing to learn. This is ridiculous!


You are not some sniveling unstable person[2] You are a human being that makes mistakes, learns from them[3] and get better.


If you constantly need pep talks to get you through your day ask yourself:


Getting help when you feel overwhelmed or that you’re doing poorly is not weakness…its progress. Let’s revisit Tom Brady’s self-analysis again only we’ll continue his quote a bit further:

“Well, I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us,” Brady said.

Can you admit when you’ve done poorly? Can you ask for help?


If you can do these two things…you might be able to make it after all!


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