2012 Kate Singer Endowment Fundraiser

As I get ready to ramp up for the second season of “Reality Check with Craig Price” I wanted to spotlight a cause that is very close to one of my past guests, Thom Singer.

 Thank you for participating in this fundraiser! Small amounts add up, and any amount you give will assist the research for children born with cranio-facial abnormalities. This is the 5th annual fundraiser our family has hosted, and we appreciate your support!!!


Kate is turning ten-years-old and we are celebrating with a fundraiser for Dell Children’s Medical Center. Kate was born with Sagital Synostosis, a condition that caused the bones in her head to fuse together. To correct this situation she underwent surgery to reconstruct her skull. We were fortunate, today Kate is fabulous. She is smart, funny, enjoys school, and brings a smile to all who know her. When she was born there was not a state-of-the-art medical facility for children in Austin, Texas. She was treated by wonderful doctors at Children’s Hospital of San Diego. Since that time a new hospital has opened in Central Texas, and for the past five years we have supported the research efforts of these local doctors with the “Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Surgery and Research” (In 2010 we began donating to a similar fund in San Diego). We donate part of the fees Thom earns as a professional speaker, and each year on Kate’s birthday we host this fundraiser. Please join us by making a donation of any size. Thank you, Thom, Sara, Jackie and Kate Singer

Listen to Thom talk publishing but more importantly, donate to this worthy cause.


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  1. Craig-

    Thank you for mentioning the fundraiser. About on in 3000-5000 children are born with some type of cranio facial abnormality. This includes issues with the growth of the skull and the soft tissues. A generation ago kids grew up being teased and having serious complications, etc…. Today there are amazing advances that allow these children to have normal lives.

    This fundraiser helps support research for the future. Fortunately my kid is doing GREAT, but it is important that we keep finding new ways to treat these problems.


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