January Magazine takes a quick look at Half a Glass

January Magazine contributor Aaron Blanton took some time out to spotlight “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” in February, oddly enough.

No one likes a party pooper, yet in Half A Glass (Blooming Twig) humorist and professional speaker, Craig Price, advises readers to get their poopyness in hand and use it all for good, instead of evil.

These are concepts that are absolutely foreign to our culture, yet Price — once voted Houston’s Funniest Person — doesn’t play it for laughs. Exactly. You can see he takes this “Realist’s Guide” business quite seriously. “Change is going to happen,” he writes at one point. “Before you change something, ask around.”

I’m still not sure if I’m crazy about the idea of channeling negativity for fun and profit but Price’s voice is charming and funny. This is a business book for those looking for something a little different.


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