“Half a Glass” Recommended Reading for Business Leaders

Heart of the Project, a blog written by Alex Brown and hosted at Gantthead added a new post Meaningful Gifts for the Hard-To-Please Business Leaders In Your Life.


Alex graciously included my book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide“!

If the two choices above are a little too “heavy” for you, Craig Price’s “Half a Glass” is a choice that will have you smiling and laughing from the very beginning. His call to unlock the power of NEGATIVE thinking is funny, practical, and ideal for any project manager, whether currently employed or between jobs.

My personal favorite part of this book is the parts where Craig rips the cover off “The Secret”. He helps us all understand that sometimes good things happen even when (maybe “ESPECIALLY when”) we are consumed with negative thoughts.

A great read, and just published this October, so it is almost certainly not yet on your coworker’s shelf yet.

Don’t miss out on getting a great gift for a business leader in your life! Order “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” today!


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