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BusyWomansGuidecom wrote one:

Looking for something beyond a positive attitude to set you on the right path? Half a Glass is a kick in the pants, a dose of reality, and a good laugh – all at the same time. Craig Price’s insight on using “negative” thinking to plan well and success are dead on and very useful. The design of the book is cool and very readable.

 Thanks BusyWomansGuidecom!


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  1. Lee Pendergraft submitted a review at saying “Half a Glass is a Gas”:

    “Craig’s book is certainly entertaining and right on target when it comes to demonstrating the value of NO. There are far too many caught up in the consensus style for business management and administration who simply dismiss or under value a contrarian point of view. Craig tells you why and hints at what these always optimistic types need to understand about what motivates negative responses and how to learn from it.

    For those who are a bit too negative, he gives you wiggle room to learn how to express yourself in such a way that you can get through to the ‘everything is roses’ types.

    If your one extreme or the other of the scale, watch out. He can eat you alive and have you laughing about the whole experience. Read the footnotes. They are just as good as the book; maybe even a little better.

    Lee Pendergraft – Now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

    The book has gone global! Thanks Lee!!

  2. This is another Amazon Review from Alex Brown titled “Funny and Practical”:

    “Easy to read and a lot of laughs…if you read it just once. If you dig a little deeper, it is a really healthy, balanced answer to those “think rich and grow rich” speakers and authors. Craig’s book has the refreshing message that sometimes success happens to really bad people, and that positive thoughts do not necessarily lead to good results. For anyone who has gotten caught up in the self-blame that can accompany “positive thinking” mantras, Craig offers a realistic and practical way out.

    I do not want to downplay the just-plain-fun part of the book. I laughed out loud at footnote #13 on page 28 — a scholarly reference to “Psychological Science”. Why was this footnote so funny? You have to read footnotes #1 to 12 to understand, but believe me, it is hilarious to see Craig cite Psychological Science on page 28.

    I have the good fortune to know Craig personally, so I had a preview of his great attitude towards life, work, and play before I picked up the book. Once I read this book, though, I understood him so much better — and I felt like I could understand how he is able to approach life with such a wonderful sense of humor and joy.

    For anyone who wants to know “the power of negative thinking”, this book is obviously a “must read”. I cannot think of any other book that embraces and explores that message so fully. Even if you do subscribe to the power of positive thinking, though, this book is worth reading. We all face negative thoughts and failures sometimes. “Half a Glass” gives practical advice about how to learn and grow from these experiences.

    For me it was an inspirational book as well. I have faced a lot of failures, and Craig reminded me that the important thing is not to get caught up in blame, regret, sorrow, and inaction. He provides positive ways to deal with the negative stuff in our lives. I work with project leaders and project managers every day, and that is a hugely important business skill — facing the negative stuff and continuing to work and play and love and laugh, even in the face of our own mistakes.

    Craig is a one-of-a-kind speaker and personality. I hope millions of people get to know him a little bit better by reading this book. ”

    Thanks Alex!!

  3. Another one from Vermonter who said “Down-right funny, on target — you can’t put it down!”

    “A quick-wit read that addresses life’s negativity in the workplace and every place. This author’s spot-on humor and direct assessment deals with it all. Find your “ah-ah” moments and smile as this “turns the light bulb on” book shows how a negative can really become a positive. An informative, entertaining easy read.”

    See, even people in Vermont like it!

  4. This one from came from AlexB-NH (who I met at a book signing) who apparently rushed home, started reading and felt compelled to review it! “Highly Recommended”

    “A delightfully humorous journey that began with the dedication!! Craig has a gifted way of lightening up the path of life together on this planet in such a humorous way while equally expressing valid points about perception. I would say, it could (not should) help people find their way back to the center and truly realize ‘we might not have it all together, but together we have it all’. A must for anyone battling with the ego and it’s ideas!!! (lol) If this writing portrays the type of personality he has and logic he uses, he’s the type of person I would be delighted to know and absolutely want to chum around with. I’m going to go back and purchase several copies to give away and I haven’t even finished the book. This review is coming from a ‘new ager’ who witnessed balanced view points and encouraged me to not only laugh with the book but at myself as well. Way to go Craig.
    Alex from Manchester, NH”

    Good idea buying more books but she’ll have to go online ( to get it since the Manchester store sold out! 🙂

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