Barnes and Noble – Manchester Recap


Well the first book signing has come and gone. It was quite a learning experience. Here’s a quick rundown.


When I first arrived, I was met by Claire the event coordinator. What a sweet, sweet lady! She was all about making the author (in this case, me!) as comfortable as possible. After showing me my area (front and center, right next to Justin Beiber!) she headed toward the Starbucks and bought me a hot chocolate. You need something to take the edge off and it was in the low 40s!


I handed her a stack of my bookmarks that my lovely wife designed for free takeaways and headed to my table.


She had 20 books displayed nicely. I asked her how many of a typical unknown author’s first book would sell. She said 1 to 4. I looked at the books and thought of all the friends and family I had coming and said flatly “Oh… we’ll be through these easily!’ She smiled (in that polite “sure you will” kind of way) and said “That would be great!”


Now I hate selling. Especially in a carnival barker, “come over here and look at this product” kind of way. But yet here I was, between Jon Stewart’s EARTH and Justin Beiber’s life story (How many pages could that be? He’s 16!”). My technique to getting “permission to sell” was to greet people as nicely as possible (for a negative person, I can be quite charming!) and ask them “Hello, are you browsing today or looking for something in particular?” If they said browsing, I’d just point to the book and say, “You can start here with my new book!” Cheezy, yes. Effective, somewhat!


I was surprised at how readily some of these browsers were. I had several strangers pick up the book and a few of them even bought copies. Friends and family I hadn’t seen in 20 years came! It was very heartwarming and humbling as I often forget how supportive and awesome my family and friend are.


By the end of the 2 hours, my prediction came to pass. I sold every copy!


I really enjoyed my time at Barnes and Noble. Their staff was super friendly to me and very supportive! If I hadn’t have sold one book it would have been worth it just for the experience. Thankfully, I did sell some and when I got home I saw this review from one of the nice browsers who I met that day:

“A delightfully humorous journey that began with the dedication!! Craig has a gifted way of lightening up the path of life together on this planet in such a humorous way while equally expressing valid points about perception. I would say, it could (not should) help people find their way back to the center and truly realize ‘we might not have it all together, but together we have it all’. A must for anyone battling with the ego and it’s ideas!!! (lol) If this writing portrays the type of personality he has and logic he uses, he’s the type of person I would be delighted to know and absolutely want to chum around with. I’m going to go back and purchase several copies to give away and I haven’t even finished the book. This review is coming from a ‘new ager’ who witnessed balanced view points and encouraged me to not only laugh with the book but at myself as well. Way to go Craig. Alex from Manchester, NH”


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